About us and our Florist Services


Pink Lion Design Company

We are a specialty florist who uses handmade wooden flowers to create arrangements that don't need water, and never fade, droop or die,  leaving you with a timeless keepsake!


Our flowers are handmade from rolls of wood just like the ones pictured above! 


Most of the flowers can take an hour or more from start to finish to create.

What if a flower gets broken?

While our flowers never fade wilt or die, their thin wood petal CAN break.  Fortunately, our arrangements can be easily repaired If one of your flowers breaks.  Just bring it in or have us pick it up the next time we are out making deliveries and we can fix it up for a nominal fee.

Specialized Services



We handle dozens of weddings every year, and we are both proud and humbled every time a bride and groom choose us to be part of one of the most important days of their lives!

Since our flowers never die, we can deliver them whenever you're ready to receive them!  No more worrying until the last minute!


Flower Parties

We help host Private Flower Parties for between 5-20 people; where you and your guests will each create one or more arrangements using our signature handmade wooden flowers!  

Each guest can request their own color combinations, or feel free to play it safe and stick to the Pink Lion's recommended colors for that arrangement!


Special Orders and Re-Creations

Our flowers will look just as beautiful and magnificent years after they  were received!  We can recreate arrangements you've received in the past, to truly preserve the occasion. 

The photo on the left is of Pink Lion Design Company's recreation, and the one on the right was the original gift.